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photography by sarah holmes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days Like This

Days Like This Music Festival - January 10, 2010

I ended up getting to this festival later than I had planned, and my heart really wasn’t in it on the day. With my skin stinging from the dose of sunburn that I got earlier on in the day, it was hard to stand in the photo pit and seem happy to be there. First up was Cat Power for me. I was slow of the mark for Ms Power, I was shooting slow and checking my shots… Then we all got asked to leave the pit. So that blew my chances. Roots Manuva was next and put on a great show. Looking quite strapping in his white short suit, he was easy to photograph and he just seemed so happy to be there, unlike Cat Power. Took a few shots of Pivot and Ugly Duckling but I pretty much then had hours to kill until Method Man and Redman closed the day. So a few beers with the ladies Emz, Cheech and Jacqui “The Charger” sped up the day and I felt a little happier going into the pit for these 2 MC’s. They closed the day nicely and I ended it standing up the back watching the crowd. Overall, I wasn’t that happy with my shots for the day and I think you can see that in the below.


  1. What are you going on about?! I especially love your Cat Power ones! Geez I love her. Mine turned out a little sun glarey

  2. yeah just wasnt that impressed with them after all. was a little annoyed that Ms Power made us leave the pit though...